1930s Box


Hand-painted memento boxes -perfect for storing your souvenirs. A lovely gift for a new mother, or to celebrate an eighteenth birthday, a bat mitzvah or a wedding, or for the knitter, a handpainted, knitting box!


The boxes are made from solid pine and are painted in quality acrylic paints and then given at least three coats of varnish. They can have a clean, new finish – as seen on Charleston Box or can be aged – as seen on Blue Bloomsbury Box. They are lined with either felt or with padded fabric or leather or are wax finished.  All studs and catches are polished quality brass.        


 The small boxes are all handstained and painted and finished in several coats or varnish or wax to give them a strong and atractive glowing finish. They are based on designs found on contemporary artifacts of the 20s or from reference books of the period.